Best input video for VR files

I am working on 8K VR180 files. So a combo of noise reduction and sharpness is important, especially with the NFD (near field display) of a VR headset only an inch or so away from your eyes.
Does it make a difference whether I use H.264 or ProRes 422 HQ files?
Will one work better than the other?
(I would think that mov would be better, maybe?)


So far ProRes seems good for output. Not for final viewing though. You should use something more size responsible. Their implementation of H.264 is a sin. Just so you know.

ProRes seems to be faster to work with in some applications, but the final data will be extremely large and I always encode them to h.264 in the last step.

The interesting thing is I’m getting faster FPS processed times with ProRes.

If you can shoot in ProRes, edit also and export in H.265 H.264 won’t handle 8K as far as i know.

There’s a lot that can affect that. Like I just learned that 720 to 1080 takes about twice as long as 480 to 1080.