Best graphics card under 1000 for VideoAI

Hello, I recently bought VideoAI. I currently have pc with everything(5900x, 32 GB RAM, PCI gen 4 SSD, 850 watt power) except graphics card. I am in market for graphics card for this specific tool and bunch of other usages like games, lightroom, astrophotography tools. What would be graphics card under 1000$ that would work best for VideoAI? in recent review done by Linus tips they said radeon graphics card like previous gen 6950 fared better than even recent 4080. Is that really true? Doesn’t topaz labs VideoAI use NVIDIA AI toolset like CUDA core to further accelerate processing like games do?
Since radeon new line of graphics card are coming this month should i wait for it or is it going to take further time for topaz to make efficient use of new cards?

I came here to find out about this as well. GPU prices are ridiculous, so I didn’t want to go too crazy on one, but ended up going with an rx6800xt, which can be found in the low to mid 500s (sub 500 at times). It should serve well for using topaz along with 1440p gaming (which is what I’m after).

I have been reading a lot of differing views regarding amd vs nvidia card when it comes to video/photo work, but that might be more for modeling / production type work. Based on the posts here, a lot of the mid-higher end cards are pretty close in performance. That might be a limitation on the program though. If this is all you want to use the GPU for, you might not need to spend much on a GPU, relatively speaking.

Hopefully others with more experience can offer some info