Beachside bouquet



The whole picture shows up as a thumbnail but it is cropped on the right side when clicking on it to see the larger version. It seems to be a good shot, maybe you can use edit and upload it again.

For some reason, this occurs for me on all of @dvine 's images. :thinking: Though I don’t think the whole image shows in the thumbnail either.

@ScottO, @Artisan-West virtually all of the images I post here are square. When I click the image, text on the right border is lost.

I didn’t realize the right marin was being cropped on multiple images. Maybe the moderator could look into the matter.

I generally post to instagram, facebook, linkedin and pinterest before Topaz forum. Wonder whether something is being carried over,

I see the whole width of the image in the thumbnail (not the height) but the larger picture is cropped on the right side.

I like the scene a lot…nicely done.

Yachats is a favourite of mine on the Oregon coast - lovely shot!

Beautiful image and I also do not understand the website cropping issues either.