Batching in Topaz Studio 2

Please put batching back in Topaz Studio 2. It was critical piece of my workflow. I ran almost all of my images through AI Clear. Sharpen AI is great but not practical for cleaning 100+ event images. Too slow. I know there are many others who are disappointed that batch process was removed. PLEASE put it back.

Just suggestions for potential work-arounds:

Have you tried AI-Clear mode in Denoise-AI (in batch mode)?

Also, AI-Clear is still available in TS1 if you have access to that.


Thanks for the suggestion… I’ll be batching in Denoise AI.

I’ve about had it with Topaz. I tried batching in Denoise but experienced the problem some people have reported with bad files being generated. They generally are about 1 mb in size and are black when opened. This happens both with DeNoise and with AI Clear withing DeNoise. I’m select all, then click on auto to let Topaz determine what the best settings for each image is.

My system far exceeds the minimum requirements for all of the Topaz products. I have an MSI P65 Creator notebook with an i7-9750h (6 cores/12 threads) processor, 64 GB RAM, 2 NVMe SSD drives and an NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 with 6 Mb RAM.