Batch Processing

If I need to render a video in CC into frames (jpegs) - are Topaz products adaptable to batch-processing - in an automatic sense - at all? I wish to produce short videos with the minimum of manual processing using Topaz products.

Hi Jack,

Some of the Topaz products are suitable for batch processing using the PS Action & Batch but because it is a video it would be processed frame by frame so it would be the same as applying the filter to a video then exporting again.

I remember the old DeNoise had a batch process menu item. The problem is
that Topaz Studio must open and close as it processes each frame…

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Hey Jack,
Just wanted to update this thread. That feature is now available in Topaz Studio 1.10.5


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Thank you Heath!

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How does the batch processing in Topaz Studio 2 work - I can’t seem to figure it out.

I’m here searching for the same thing. All products should have some sort of batch processing, otherwise it really diminishes their value. We could use them for small animations or photo sessions and many other things.

But especially Studio should of course have it. I bought it assuming that it could do this, but now I see it was about Topaz 1. If Studio 2 can’t do batch processing, can we download Studio 1? For me, it unfortunately loses 99% of its value without it.