Batch processing is not usuable

I’ve tried Batch processing in 3.1.10 and 3.1.11 in both versions it doesn’t work properly.

I load 2 videos (or more), model: Proteus with manual settings. Each video with different settings for example one in 1080p, second one in 720p and the sliders are different on each video, for example, one with sharpness 10 other one with 20. I select both and click on process.
First video gets rendered, after this the second one. First one has the correct settings, second video just uses the settings from the first one. This way batch processing is complete useless for me.

Am I missing something? Handbrake, VirtualDub, … every other program can handle such simple tasks, like a queue/job list easily.
The results of Video AI are so good, but the UI is just so bad.
Someone knows, if this might work in an older version, maybe 2.6.4?

The difference between version 2 and 3, is it just a different UI, but with the same models (as they are downloaded/updated from Topaz over the internet) or what is the main advantage to version 3? Maybe faster processing?

Ok, thanks.
But will batch processing be fixed or is it working in 2.6.4?

To process files with different settings you have to start them separately. For example, I process a batch of DVD upscales first, then add some 1080 frame interpolation. I I were to launch them using “Select All” followed by “Export” they will all process at the DVD Upscale settings. But if I select the DVD originals first, export them, then select the 1080 originals and export them, they all use the correct settings, all as part of the same batch. At least, that worked as of 3.1.10 (the last time I did this). I’m in the middle of a 24 hour batch, so I can’t confirm it as working in 3.2.0.

Basically, any batch export will apply the same settings (the settings displayed at the time you Export) to the entire batch. For different settings, you need to submit them as separate batches (but they will just queue up and run with the first batch).

This sounds like a really good workaround. Thank you very much!
I will try this.