Batch Processing for DeNoise and Sharpen

Product Team,

I know people have asked for batch processing of DeNoise AI (and perhaps Sharpen AI). What I would like to see is the ability to batch process both of these products back to back. In other words, assuming you own both DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI, it would be great to be able to submit a batch of photos that would first be DeNoised and then Sharpened. In my own photos the combination of DeNoise followed by Sharpen has produced better results than AI Clear which I think is very good.

While I am at it… while it would be great to do this via the graphical user interface, if it would be faster to provide this capability, I would be happy to simply be able to script the back to back invocations from the command line - passing the appropriate parameters to the programs as needed.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hey all, please check out to see our new cloud service for Gigapixel AI.

Are there any developers here?
This cloud service comes with an API that can be used to automate your Gigapixel upsampling tasks.

There is a contact form at the bottom of the page where you can request your API key.

If you are not a developer, don’t worry, you can still upload images through the website and have your processed results sent back to you.

Please let me know if you have any questions guys. Thanks :slight_smile:

Disgusting you are pushing that in every topic rather then answering peoples questions.

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Me too waiting this batch prosessing option
Its very time consuming when you had hundreds of photos to denoice and perhaps could done with leave mashine to work night and next day there ready denoised

For those of us Photoshop users, In my opinion, the greatest advance we can imagine is to be able to use Photoshop actions in combination with “all” Topaz products. There are some where it will work, but I would like all of them to work with Actions in Photoshop. It’s great to have batch processing and I use it a lot, but this requires putting all your images into a separate folder and have them processed and sent to another folder. Separating all these photos out of, in my case at the moment, over 4000 photos from my last shoot, takes time. I need to look at the image to know what it needs first. I should be able to direct my computer to make the adjustment I need for that photo as I find it. Actions can help me do that. I’m pleased as a peacock to be able to use DeNoise with actions. I have 3 separate actions set up to use depending on whether I have heavy noise, medium noise, or light noise. I can determine the level of noise then select the correct action and just press the play button.

:grinning: SharpenAI is essential for my holograms, need to process 45 shots per one, no batch processing is killing me, please help here!
Thank you for fantastic product!