Batch Processing for DeNoise and Sharpen

(fingham1) #1

Product Team,

I know people have asked for batch processing of DeNoise AI (and perhaps Sharpen AI). What I would like to see is the ability to batch process both of these products back to back. In other words, assuming you own both DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI, it would be great to be able to submit a batch of photos that would first be DeNoised and then Sharpened. In my own photos the combination of DeNoise followed by Sharpen has produced better results than AI Clear which I think is very good.

While I am at it… while it would be great to do this via the graphical user interface, if it would be faster to provide this capability, I would be happy to simply be able to script the back to back invocations from the command line - passing the appropriate parameters to the programs as needed.

Thank you for your consideration.