Batch Processing - Apply Same Settings to Multiple Images

It would be very nice to have the ability to apply the same settings to multiple images. It seems that neither DeNoise nor Sharpen have this capability.

This thread, DeNoise AI - hope of batch processing from about 18 months ago seemed to indicate it was a possibility. Any update since then?


Works for me, have you tried it?

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I can find no way to apply the same settings in batch to multiple images. I can find nothing on the Topaz website that discusses batch application of the same settings to multiple images. The only thing I’ve been able to find is that multiple images can be loaded into e.g., Sharpen, settings are applied to each image individually, then use the Select All function and click Apply. As recent as 3 months ago this article on the Topaz website says nothing about automatically applying the same settings to multiple images,

In both Sharpen and Denoise if you open a batch of images and check the “Select All” box then whatever settings you choose will be applied to all the images. If you don’t want it applied to them all then just select those to which you do want it applied.

OK. Thank you.

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