Basilica do Sagrado Coracao de Jesus, Lisbon, Portugal

You can pay €4 for the privilege of walking to the balcony right at the very top of the dome - I was quite happy with the perspective from the ground!


Gorgeous shot, was this HDR?

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excellent - almost dichroic yet so much detail and great use of light and dark - a real home run



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No HDR Ken - Can’t be sure, but I think all I did was take the highlights down and the shadows up on the RAW file and then apply some contrast boost in Clarity. I’ve recently changed my kit and I’m loving the results I’m getting from my new lens.

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Thank you, very impressive!

Which lens?

Olympus 12 - 40 1:2.8 Pro (micro 4/3rds system) as I was struggling to carry the Nikon kit and with the E.M5 mk II its about a third of the size of what I had before - travelling with it is now a breeze!

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Amazing detail.

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Whether it’s your new lens or processing work… this came out gorgeous!