Bangkok's Fastest Public Transport ... πŸ›₯

Been a busy 2 months getting home after a couple of years away but I have repaired & resurrected the Sony RX100M3 and although slow, small sensor and woeful focus the lens is of outstanding quality.

This is a image taken a couple of weeks on a walk along the edge of the main canal (Klong Saen Saep) during the busy morning rush hour where boats have to wait as they cannot pass under bridges.

Just a little Capture One for the RAW file and then a TIF into Studio where Impression (Cezanne) with a little masking, a Digital Frame showing the even borders and then a Image Layer to add the signature … resized to 2400 pixels on the long edge.

The resize still isn’t right as it shows 1601 instead of 1600 and I am still annoyed with the open/save file inconsistent folders.


Great job on this Don …

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nice one, Don

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