Banding removal

I have vintage concert footage which has horizontal banding caused by the loud volume of the music. Neat video has ability to do eliminate such lines but does soften the image somewhat. Can VEAI be trained to eliminate these lines?

how about the stabilization options rolling shutter and jittery motions?

Can you show an example image of the banding?

These are two typical examples. Compression does help but it can’t eliminate completely. The lines are caused by the volume interfering with the electronics of the camera. These are from a VHS camcorder, so pre-digital.

maybe try the add noise option?

Thanks for the suggestion but I prefer not to add artificial noise. I think VEAI can be trained to recognise this kind of issue and remove it. It does already tackle this but in some instances cannot remove it with the current tools.

add noise does not add film grain. it adds noise only before processing to enable the a. i. to work better on the material. the noise will be gone after processing.

Thanks for the explanation. I think this is a new feature as in 4.1.0 as I don’t recall it before, as I thought it was similar to the grain feature? I’ll give it a shot.

Have you tried IrisLQ with a high value for fix compression on that?

Thanks, yes, I have experimented with Iris LQ. Compression can help but also softens the picture and brings streaking into the image. I’ve been exploring Proteus v4 in 4.1 which is much improved and does not introduce the glassy eyes of Iris. It’s probably something that will need to be done in a number of passes, but maybe can be looked at as another restoration feature in a future update.

a de-flicker filter would probably be your tool of choice.

try a demo of Flicker Free Plugin : Deflicker Time Lapse, LED and Slow motion / High Frame Rate in HD and 4K :: Digital Anarchy

Thanks, I checked it out but it wasn’t able to tackle my issue. It also softens the image somewhat. Still a useful thing to know about for more modern cameras.