Back Bar Cantor's Deli Fairfax, Los Angeles

Backroom bar from Cantor’s Deli on Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles. Home of the second best Pastrami in Los Angeles. I wanted this to look gritty and smoky, just like dive bars.

Started in Lightroom adjusting exposure, etc then into Photoshop for Topaz Adjust for underlying grunge. Back into Lightroom for Black and White conversion, and finished in Photoshop with Topaz Texture Effects.


Great perspective. The B&W works well and gives a real feel for the atmosphere in the establishment.

so where is “Home of the best Pastrami in Los Angeles”?

love the mood you’ve created in this image

Love it !!

Langers Deli 6th and Alvarado has the best Pastrami in Los Angeles.

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thank you kindly

Ah yes. I forgot about Langers. Nice Noire image BTW.

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Very professional…

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Brilliantly done.