B&W Video to Colorization?

Any plan ADD new feature for Black & White Video to Colorization ?

I know it’s been suggested a lot over the years.
The one case I can think of that would work perfectly is Hogans Heroes. The first episode is black and white. The rest are in color. You could train the model on all the colored episodes and probably get good results on the first episode. But try feeding any other movie or show into it and it’s not going to look right.
To make it work on an acceptable level, it would have to track and recognize every object in the movie, no matter where or how it appears. That might be something only super computers can handle at this time.
Of course I would love to be wrong, but from what I know, that’s probably where we’re at.

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I have suggested this feature multiple times over the past few years. Even if they did something similar to DeOldify (with hopefully better results) it would be a major plus for those of us wanting to colorize and/or restore classic movies. We don’t need perfect accurate colors for every single object. We just need approximations (like DeOldify) only with possibly less bleed and a better UI.

In that case, I think it would be fine, provided they advertised the limitations clearly. And, as you say, it would probably be better then the other options out there right now.

Adding to that suggestion.
I would love to see color and contrast enhancement for old “washed out” videos where there is color but it’s very degraded/faded.

I know many people would love something like that especially for old family videos from the 80s and 90s. And I think it probably would be easier to work with than black and white, as some color information is already there.

And I understand that there are many ways to colorgrade a video, so perhaps that could be solved with a preset picker.

For instance, if it’s a home video, then you want a natural look right. And if it’s a movie you might want a different look depending on the genre. A mystery thriller might have a blue/green tint or whatever.
Perhaps you want a preset that has a sort of more vintage look but just improves the colors a bit while adding a slight yellowish tint to it.

I think this would be a great addition to Video Enhance AI.

I would absolutely love this feature to be added.

I’ve been holding out on buying Video AI because of this feature. I know Diamant has an advance colorizer but it is very expensive not worth it when DeOldify is free. But if Video AI had a decent colorizer with a few features under our control that would work for me to buy it.

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DeOldify public model (opensource) is a poor quality version compared to the exclusive version they use on MyHeritage.

I have wanted a color fixing model too.

Sometimes old HD color video has good spatial and temporal resolution but the camera at time of recording picked a bad white balance, like daylight WB for an indoor setting. The resulting video is almost all yellow. I can try fixing this with levels but the result is always subpar because I am just trying to work with very limited useful color information. Sort of the color equivalent to the spatial resolution problem of superscaling a postage stamp sized video into 4k – not much to work with. Maybe an AI model can help fill in the gaps. Very bad WB setting results in footage that may as well be monochrome, so I think it is a similar problem.


We have no plans to add colorization features to Video AI at this time.