Aztec Ruins

Since Jack was showing some nice sharp photos I’m uploading a bit larger than usual file of this one to show detail. It is not cropped and I don’t have Gigapixel. I do have a secret process I occasionally use to sharpen. The original development of the raw file was done in Affinity Photo and then processed in Topaz Studio using AI clear etc.

I’ve also included an artistic version (my favorite thing to do).


Very nice capture and very natural processing in the first and creative processing in the second! The sky is gray in a thin strip in the upper right corner.

Should be fixed now, thanks.

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Both nice but I prefer the original

Thanks Peter. Making art is more fun for me since I don’t do much photography any more and I have a lot of pictures.

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Absolutely! I like your art as well but for this image I think the sharpness and clarity in the original really pops.