Aways use the latest model version from the command line?

When using TVAI FFmpeg builds from the command line it’s currently necessary to specify the exact name+version of the model used, such as tvai_up=model=prob-4 or model=amq-13 or model=aaa-9. This is certainly useful when multiple model versions are installed, but it’s a pain when trying to automate workflows that need to use the latest model version regardless of what it is.

Is there a way to force TVAI FFmpeg to just use the latest available version of a particular model?

Probably best to handle with ${variables} in the automation workflow.

The reason is that there are some models which are not like-for-like improvements with version bumps. For example, iris-2 is optimized for medium quality and iris-3 is optimized for low quality. Artimis had separate amq/ahq paths, but Iris does not follow the same convention. Auto-selecting latest would therefore be sub-optimal.

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