AVIF Support…?

  Are there any plans to add support for the AVIF image format?

  This format seems to be in its infancy, not well-defined, but I a impressed that I can save an image from Zoner Photo Studio (ZPS)—which is the main program that I use for image editing—in 12-bit lossless AVIF format, and have it often come out smaller, and very rarely any larger, than a 24-bit lossy JPG with 95% quality.

  As I said, though, it doesn’t seem well-defined, yet, and not widely or consistently supported.  I have discovered, for example, that between ZPS and GIMP, if I save an image from one of these programs in AVIF format, the other program usually cannot read it.

I very much agree…by now many web images are in this format, and being able to process, enhance and convert them to other formats would be really welcome!

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AVIF format is not good for saving high fidelity.
Next generation lossy/lossless format for photos and graphics is JpegXL (.jxl).

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We unfortunately don’t currently have plans for this. At the moment, we’re focusing on adding support for more RAW files for the most popular camera models that our users use.

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Dear Developers, for me you ABSOLUTELY need to add support for AVIF format: nowadays so many images with alpha channel are no longer found in PNG and but in AVIF, and having to use an online converter to convert these files is frustrating:
PLEASE, seriously consider this addition, which would be useful for so many users who use online images for their work!

We rely on OpenImageIO for image file support. They do mention that they support AVIF, but none of the images from this example repo load. They have a couple errors like code unsupported or ID missing.

Once OpenImageIO supports these files we can enable them easily by just allowing the .avif extension. We have a lot in the works, but we can try to see if our version of libheif is incorrectly setup but if that’s not the case then this is an OIIO issue.

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Thanks for your reply…I hope it is then a simple problem related to the libheif version in use…can you let us know how it goes ? Thank you for your work !

@adam.mains any news about this??? :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve talked to someone and they should be looking into the possibility it’s a compile flag issue, but we’re all pretty busy so it might be a few days.

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Thank you for your reply…no problem, let’s wait calmly, as long as sooner or later this possibility of reading AVIF images comes, since they are more and more common on the web now, and not being able to “use” and convert them with the program is more and more a nuisance!

Any update for this? :sweat_smile:

Good question.
When Topaz give us suport for Avif and Jpeg-XL format (read and save)?

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Is there any update about this welcome addition? I don’t think it takes that much work to make these files readable…by now more and more online photos are in this format, but so many players or programs unfortunately don’t support it (like Premiere Pro)…thanks!