AVIF Support…?

  Are there any plans to add support for the AVIF image format?

  This format seems to be in its infancy, not well-defined, but I a impressed that I can save an image from Zoner Photo Studio (ZPS)—which is the main program that I use for image editing—in 12-bit lossless AVIF format, and have it often come out smaller, and very rarely any larger, than a 24-bit lossy JPG with 95% quality.

  As I said, though, it doesn’t seem well-defined, yet, and not widely or consistently supported.  I have discovered, for example, that between ZPS and GIMP, if I save an image from one of these programs in AVIF format, the other program usually cannot read it.

I very much agree…by now many web images are in this format, and being able to process, enhance and convert them to other formats would be really welcome!

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AVIF format is not good for saving high fidelity.
Next generation lossy/lossless format for photos and graphics is JpegXL (.jxl).

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We unfortunately don’t currently have plans for this. At the moment, we’re focusing on adding support for more RAW files for the most popular camera models that our users use.

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