Autopilot Noise model not applying

I also thought CLI would be further advanced that just doing its autopilot thing, when I bought the product.

I have had some ideas/request in the matter, see: Photo AI CLI - allow arguments to influence settings
in conjunction with Store settings used for image inside EXIF data (or next to image)

I also think that a good CLI will be a great foundation for functional and integration tests, as I posted here: Quality Control: Ensure functionality by means of integration tests

That would have avoided lots of broken functionality over the versions in the past (e.g. CLI was completely broken not just once but over 3 times already).

Now at least with the additions of the autopilot prefs I am able to use it half way (by using windows registry entries before starting the CLI, that at least let me set the model, …).
But it’s still to little. Like you also saw (no possibility to force sharpening, no possiblilty to set specific values for the filter and so on).

And the UI batch processing (which is slow like hell) is also no real option, due to this issue: How can I apply current settings to all loaded images without their values?

A few days ago I created a topic which includes all issues that we found so far and it has been voted highest in just a few days: Refocus on core features (Gigapixel/DeNoise/Sharpen) - No more fancy features