Automatically rename the exported file

Would it be possible to automatically rename the exported file?
today if I export a file named videos 1 with proteus the output file is videos 1 prob4.
I would like to be able to automatically name it videos 1 ia for example.
It is already possible to do this on your AI photo software.

You can click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Export’ and change it to ‘Export As’ which will allow you to rename the export.

Thank you for your return but I am trying to renovate automatically with a sufficient information put by the software like DDV3 or ProB by the suffix of my choice. This possibility exists on photo AI See example with the SUFIX MASTER Capture Capture in PJ.


I was looking for a solution here as well.

I also think it would be a nice feature.
When some process are pending and in queue, if we open a new sources and export as multiple times from this new source, there is still no file (because previous exports from previous sources are in progress) with the future name. So no warning BUT each export with the same name will override a previous one.

Kinda sad when you want to extract some parts of a source… I once lost like 12 differents exports. And manually renaming it in advance is tedious as you (for example) have to had a number at the end but you have nothing to remind you at wich number you are…

An automatic process would be a very nice quality of life improvement for not a lot of development imo.