Automatic masking for excluding of green areas (trees, grass)

If not selected any subject in the image for sharpening, sharpening of green areas (trees, meadows, …) often leads to unattractive artifacts. Please add a option for automatically selection for excluding of these areas without the need to edit this manually.

Can you upload some screenshots of this so we can see what you’re referring to? Also could you upload the image file so I can run some tests as well?

Images and screenshots can you download from here:
Artifacts are best seen in the image CR220825-034_DxO.webp. Although object selection worked properly here, I disabled it for demonstration purposes.
I think the problem occurs mostly when a meadow (or parts of it) is outside the depth of focus range of the camera. The AI model “Default v2” does not seem to be so good as v1 in these cases .

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Thanks for uploading those. I was actually not able reproduce the artifacts. Please send me your system profile information so I can check if your computer hardware is up to date.
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

DxDiag.txt (88.5 KB)
System info attached.
But my focus is not primarily in improving the sharpening algorithm here, but in the possibility of fading, since I generally consider the sharpening of meadows and trees and also lake surfaces to be problematic because of the high entropy and not clear edges.
See also my topic unsatisfactory-automatic-object-selection-in-panorama-views.

While the drivers are up to date, the age of the graphics card itself could be the limiting factor here. We’re working on improving the Sharpen model on our end to better treat fine details, which we often see in trees, meadows, etc.