Auto Mask in Denoise AI?

Hi, I do a lot of animal/bird photography and as a large percentage is done in woodland the light is not always great so high ISO’s are inevitable so arrives Topaz Denoise AI however unlike Topaz Sharpen there is no subject detection in Denoise AI (unless I have missed), is it in the pipeline or not possible in Denoise AI, would be a great help as on most occasions the need to remove noise from for example a birds feathers is not needed but from background only, yes there is a masking brush as in Sharpen but an auto detect would speed up the workflow quite considerably. Thankyou.

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It depends on how high the noise level is, but Sharpen itself does have a certain amount of noise removal built-in. You might be able to get away with using Sharpen only.
I have no idea why there is no subject detect in DeNoise. Like you, I would have thought it a useful feature.

Hi, thanks for reply.
Have both Denoise and Sharpen but my own view is that having the subject detection in Denoise would speed work flow up as I sometimes do like to sharpen myself in Lightroom. Russ.

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I photograph dog agility trials indoors under fluorescent lighting. I agree!!! Yes, Denoise has the mask feature, but if it just had subject detection my productivity would increase exponentially! I spend an hour a day masking out the dogs in Denoise. The AI always takes too much of the texture out of the fur.