Authentication problem

I have purchased AI some time ago. Now it is asking me to Authenticate. I have done that, been accepted as an owner. But a “connection” problem exists. My internet is ok.
I can pull up AI and make changes but it cannot be saved without authentication! It now comes up as Demo mode.
Its not video.

You will have to email support about this.

I see that you own Photo AI, not Video AI under your account with this email. Is there possibly another email Video AI was purchased under? Feel free to reach out to our support team so we can dig into this.

I too am having a similar problem with both Gpix and PhAI - Requesting Authentication but can’t conn ect through the browser. I’ve done some trouble-shooting of firewall and network connections with nothing obvious found. My connection is ok, as evidenced by this discussion…

Further info - browser indicates successful for the activation and that I am being logged in. The app however indicates network error and goes to demo mode.

Win10Pro, v22H2, build 19045.3930 on Gigabyte Aorus X570 Ultra, 64G memory, Nvidea P1000 4G graphics, dual Dell U2723QE UHD monitors.

Switching off and on again seems to have fixed it!

Fixed now Margaux thanks. Rebooted and probably got out of Video and back to photo.

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