Audio sync issues

Hi I was wondering if I rip a dvd/bluray and lower the frame rate to half of its default would that help with audio sync issues since it gets doubled usually when its being processed through the enhance a.i?

My apologies just realized this is not the support forum I am new to this site.

Audio sync can be helped by syncing every 15 frames or so to the video. I know that there is a way of making sure that audio is properly synced every n’th frame (I’ve used the frame rate of every 15 frames) but the human brain can tolerate the desync as long as every 15th (?) frame is locked to the video … try the site, somebody over there should know.

Do i have this right?
sounds like the video being input into topaz is a file type where the audio is not really part of the video, meaning attached to each frame. Example, you render a video clip manually in a video editor and it packages one piece of sound per frame, frame by fame, then put that into topaz, no audio synch issues. Another file type if the “mp4” or “mkv” is merely containing a video file and a separate audio file where when it is played the playor is really just playing the two files at once, but it literally has no way to know a specific but of sound file goes with frame # 64,243 or frame 23.97 at the end of the first second of movie video. I’ve had luck upscaling in topaz, then using a good video editor that takes this video clip and the AUDIO ripped from the original video clip then rendered together into one video clip. This seems to keep the synch perfectly synched. Then to add subtitles you have to use a remux app. This app does not change the video clip at all, all it does it bundle the file with a video clip and the one text file with the suibtitles, that then looks like a “mp4” or “mkv” file. Is there an admin on today so I can tell if I have this right?