Audio sync issue when interpolating frames

I have not tried this version yet, but in the previous version(V3.1.1), when I output a 23.97 (23.976023976023978) FPS video at 120 frames, the audio was out of sync.
I want to manually input 119.88 (119.88011988) FPS to prevent the audio from being out of sync, but there seems to be a limit on the number of digits, so I am worried about converting long movies.
The audio synchronization problem has wasted 4 days of processing time.

Set your output to images. Set the slomo factor to 4x. Use your favorite other video encoder to encode the images into a video with that frame rate. Mix the audio back in.

That’s how I’ve been doing all of mine. I think stays in sync better, but still might not be perfect. What I noticed with telling TVAI to increase the frame rate, was the audio would go in and out of sync in a cycle.

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