Attack of the Drones

I made this comp image using one of my car images and drone image that I was able to capture at a car show. I added the foreground street, sun, drones, car effects etc. and did my edits on the car with Studio adjustments and Photoshop.

I also used a CCO image for the background of a city by Ty’Onah I used the last preset in AIR to add the red color to some of the areas in this background image and applied other studio adjustment layers.

Here are the before and after images.

Original Car

City Background


most effective montage

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Great job, John!

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Excellent job of putting/pulling it all together John.

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Super job John …the car looks 3D.

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Thanks @el48tel, @Laundromat, @Kathy_9 and @BobKramer for your very complimentary comments.
This one took awhile but I enjoyed putting it all together.