At the pumpkin meeting

Topaz Impression, AI Remix. PSP script by Dario de Judicibus.


Nice colors, nice work.

Really like the frame (is it a frame or another layer?)- draws my eye in kind of like a vignette does.

Or now I’ve re-read your description, is that the PSP script?

Hi Tony, yes this is the PSP script. It automatically creates a new layer with the original image on top of the motion blurred layer.
Glad you like the image

Thank you Honza

Love the colors and everything about it.

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Thanks Peter. Have found and downloaded Radial Blur and Warp Shrinker scripts. Had great fun with them already!

Oh good, these are good scripts and I always mention Darius name because he made them available to everybody for free.

I really like the colors and brush technique

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