At Peggy's Cove

(Sharon) #1

HSL for colour splash effect plus a couple of Impression adjustments.


(Don) #2

I must say I love the composition and the colors in the original …

(John) #3

I like your results because I find the colors in the bottom foreground of the original distracting and takes the eye away from the water, houses and sky (but the original is a very beautiful image overall).

Maybe I would have cropped out the bottom foreground if I wanted to use it as a color image?

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(marty) #4

It’s a great looking scene…i love how you brought this image to life with your processing.

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(BobKramer) #5

Tranquil and beautiful …

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(Michigander) #6

I think I would like the processed image better without the foreground because, basically, I couldn’t figure out what it was. My first impression was “ice”. The processed image cropped landscape. without foreground is beautiful. The original, as is, is gorgeous.

(Peter) #7

First of all a great capture. I like the original and the edited version. I admit though that the ropes in the original ‘disturb’ the eye a bit. How about desaturate that part of the original.

(Kenneth Kovach) #8

I like both the original and processed - and interesting discussion

(ScottO) #9

Every time I see images of Peggy’s Cove, I check out AirBnB and think about planning a photo trip there. It looks like a very interesting area to explore.

(BorderlineUK) #10

I sometimes think that with all the new features available in Studio we tending to move too far away from photography and into the world of art. Having said that, I like both your original and what you have cleverly done with it.

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