ASUS TUF Nvidia 3080 clicking noise "fixed" through RMA

Update: Nevermind, the problem seems worse than before. My very first test on the system was silent. But then when I tried today, the annoying clicking sound returned. This is still an issue (details below). Maybe I have a voltage problem in my system. My PSU is 660W platinum Seagate (wattage calculators show I’ve got a little headroom).

Just in case this affects anyone here.

Problem description:
In most use cases my ASUS TUF Nvidia 3080 (non OC version) worked flawlessly. I started hearing some annoying, intermittent clicking sounds while running Folding@Home workloads (but only certain models). Then, the same noise occurred whenever I would try to run Gaia HQ models.

Everything you’ll find on-line about clicking noises and these and similar cards all suggest this is due to improper fan curves (where they keep clicking off and then on). I quickly ruled that out by manually overriding to 100% fan speed. (The clicking was some kind of electrical relay or capacitor or something) I went back and forth with ASUS service; they weren’t always helpful but they always kept the thread going over a couple months. I eventually just told them that if they can’t “replicate the problem” then there may be something wrong with this specific card. (The faulty card was a Rev A, and I’m unsure about the hardware rev of the replacement)

The Fix:
I RMA’d and they replaced with a different 3080 card that does not have this problem.

If anybody has any questions about the process just ping me.

Reduce voltage using MSI afterburner curve will solve the issue. It happened with my RTX 2080Ti all the time. Same with my dual RTX 3090. Reducing the voltage helps reduce power draw + thermal + psu noise.