Asuran Satellite - from Stargate Atlantis

in this image we see a stargate attached to an improvised uber advanced “satellite” (a scrapped hyper space engine that allows for faster than light speeds in the hyper space + navigational controls + a powerful shield) with a stargate on the middle of it. this race converted the stargate into the perfect weapon: a stargate inside a satellite that can take global positioning over a planet, then shoot a powerful laser capable of cutting trough continents in a single hour. as well that only one stargate can be functional per planet, making an attempt of scape by the current planet stargate by any aggressor impossible. since this stargate is as well rig to overcome planetary functionality over any other stargate in the planet already placed.
anyways i used sharpen AI + gigapixel AI + Adjust AI to enhance as much as i could the details on the active stargate inside the satellite.