Assistance with building a new rig

I used to build my own gaming rigs back in the early 2000s but for a little over 10 years now,I haven’t built or even owned a computer, so I’m completely out of the loop on what’s worth looking into. I’d like to work on building a new one that can do some gaming, but overall, I’m more focused on wanting to use the veai program for working on a lot of older videos.

GPU prices are ridiculous these days, but I’ve read that the 3080 is a good starting point. Having said that, I’ve seen many variants of the same card. On top of that, the amount of cpus, memory sticks, and motherboards out there make trying to put together a part list a little overwhelming.

Would any of you be able to provide some recommendations on what parts to go with? If so, preferences would be a small form factor design such as an ITX case and no rgb if possible. I also don’t have a budget in mind, but if I go with a 3080, I suppose the build would be based around that. I can provide more info if needed.

**I saw a related thread from a month ago, but apparently, the OP seemed to figure it out on his own lol

Start with the recommended technical specifications for the software you are going to run.

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choose parts of well known, good brands, even if they might be a bit more expensive.


I checked out the system requirements for Topaz Video AI and it shows a minimum hardware recommendation list, but it’s pretty generic.

Thanks, I’ve looked at that thread. I already have a GPU in mind (3080) since there might be some gaming later on down the road. I was hoping to get some recommendations on a whole system build based around that. There is just too many choices between CPUs, ram, power supply, motherboards, and all that goes with it.

Truly so, but there are recommendations for RAM and vRAM, obviously that means that under windows iGPUs are not recommended as they don’t have dedicated vRAM.

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This is very close to what I currently use…not the GPU, but you have that picked out. Pick a power-supply with whatever wattage your GPU vendor recommends.


Thanks for the feedback all

I like to check out PCPartPicker. Here’s a build someone threw together that would be great at Video AI. You can easily swap out the GPU for something more or less. At the very least, this list should give you a good idea of what to expect for total system price.

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Some big bang for the buck if you’re a fan of AMD like me.

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Get the most powerful GPU you can afford.


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