Aspect ratio correction

occasionally when camera data is extracted it isn’t in square pixels so when it’s extracted into a progressive format the image is squashed because it was intended to be corrected by your viewing device. It would be nice to use AI to fill in the data as if it were making square pixels of the anamorphic video, and restoring the aspect ratio, with a new resolution that gives the video a very natural upscale appearance due to some portion of the data remaining unchanged. I’ve posted this idea before but somewhere the post I created sits on some hard-drive somewhere forgotten… (or sadly deleted by some mod who thinks such an undertaking is unreasonably difficult… who knows.)

Mods don’t delete topics unless they are duplicates, spam or offensive.

Looking at your account, you have NO deleted topics and this is the first topic you have created.

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@tranceemerson Yes, AiDon is correct here, we do not delete posts. I do not see any past posts from you of this nature and nothing was deleted so I am unsure as to what occurred, but it is posted now :slight_smile:

hmm… well maybe something happened when all the user accounts were converted to a new system… I don’t know all I know is I’ve posted this aspect ratio correction idea before, but I can not find it anywhere … oh well. I’m really not complaining that much I’m just baffled as to where my post went.

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Your guess is as good as mine :slight_smile: We did not clear any old posts but the world of the internet is a mystery some days!