Artificial intelligence needing more options

I work with a lot of photos and need autopilot, most of the time on large faces that need face restoration, autopilot doesn’t do it automatically and there is no option to define whether I want to restore all faces by size, or by level of blur that the software makes mistakes 90% of the time and leaves the photo with blur without restoring the faces.
That Denoise vs Sharpen option is completely useless and more of a hindrance than a help, there should be a way to disable it. There are many photos that need both at the same time, even though they are JPG, and in this case the software only uses one option.
The resolution for face restoration is very low, it would be important if when restoring faces the restoration resolution was accumulated in the list. For example:
Face restoration +
Sharpen Blur
When I make this combination, the software does not improve the quality of the face restoration, which means I need to restore the face first and then return the photo to the software to recover the sharpness. To do this on a single photo is easy, but on 10000 photos it is difficult.
One option would be to put the sharpen together with the face restoration, thus choosing the sharpness level of the face restoration.
In addition to all this, it would be important to also include these options for us to choose directly on autopilot, since many who use the software restore thousands of photos.

Remembering that I also work with image editing and some I already receive in JPG format with editing done inappropriately by other people who are not photographers. So restoring JPG with Sharpen and Denoise should be an option.