Artifacts in Digital Frame

Here is screenshot after round trip frpm Photoshop after applying Digital Frame in Topaz Studio

How can this be fixed?

Dare I say a reinstall at all?! :slight_smile:

Umm, maybe it’s me but WHAT artifacts? Perhaps add some nice red arrows pointing out what the issue is.

In any case, you sure you don’t have some texture hjiding but applied in some secondary panel? Maybe post your preset for dissection.

In any case, I like the shot. Where is this?

I suspect Steven means that the digital matting should be pure white - instead its opacity seems to have been lowered so that the underlying photo shows thru.

I have included an annotated image that shows the artifacts. They are not random, but part of the original image, without the frame. When viewed in Topaz Studio, there are no artifacts. The artifacts are not only on the mat, but also appear within the image-for exam,ple, on the glass ceiling. I have also included a screenshot of the preset. This has also happened to me before. The layer in photoshop that I am handing off to Studio is a stamp layer in Normal Blend Mode with 100% opacity.

<img src="//" width=“850” height=“571”>

Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, FL

Apparently it is an image size problem. My original image was over 6000 px wide. When I reduced it to 2500 px wide, the artifacts no longer occurred. What is the image size limit for Topaz Studio (Digital Frame)?