Artifacts appear in my saved images using Studio 2 & DeNoise

I have been using the products for about a year now. About two months ago worth of updates, I can no longer make it a part of my workflow where the technology was heavily influencing my style. all of my pictures look like the posted image. i would love to hear solutions. I get this result in the old studio, new studio, denoise, and this is defiantly putting me at a crossroads with the brand I invested in. this sucks

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This is a guess only. The image appears to be oversharpened and the artifacts are in certain areas only. Were these areas pre-treated in some way to smooth or lighten the areas? I sometimes get similar results when I’ve overprocessed an image.

no sharpening at all, the whole face is just basic preset ai clear and basic blur. ive been doing the same for the past year or so. im just getting this result. and i have also experimented taking away all effects and just saving these areas still get heavy affecting

Something is going wrong in your process or maybe your video card. If it were this bad there would be many complaints here. I don’t have this problem except sometimes I can get a small area that is over sharpened. It may be something you are doing before using the Topaz AI filter.

nope saving alone, no effects cause the issue. im about to try updating my graphics drivers

@lemycubill Ok I took your original photo and ran some experiments. First I could easily reproduce your rough skin results in Studio 2. As you zoom in it pretty much disappears so it has to do with the sub sampling Topaz uses to produce a small picture. You may open a issue and include the picture to see if they can fix this. Her skin is dark and has a lot of texture which you don’t get with white skin except with old folks.

In Studio 2 you can use the Abstraction filter where the Simplify slider can reduce the texture (see below). If you want really good results, try Luminar 4. Its great for portraits and I show a result below.

AI Clear in Studio 2:

Abstraction Filter in S2:

Luminar 4 result:

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Your Awesome! I like the abstraction solution! you deserve a money tree

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If needed on some pictures, you can apply AI Clear after the Abstraction filter to further reduce noise. I tried it and there are no artifacts.