Artemis Medium Quality artefacts video FIX

Artemis Medium Quality 100%(Denoise/Deblock )artefacts video
Artemis Medium Quality 100%(Denoise/Deblock )
In use, I have encountered bad image errors when sharpening.
I decided to find out why.
Here is what I found
When working with #Artemis Medium Quality 100%(Denoise/Deblock )# visible lines appear on the image, after a series of experiments, I realized that when processing the AI Artificial ​​image, the model will compress in height picture by 2-4 times, which is why various image errors appear.
How to get the correct image.
To do this, you need to stretch the image in height by 2-4 times.
After launch Artemis Medium Quality 100%(Denoise/Deblock )

Example DVD 768:576 to 1920:1080 take video test.ts slow
-filter:v scale=iw2:ih4 2x width, 4x height
-aspect 0.66666(7682).(5764)=0.6666
ffmpeg -i test.ts -filter:v scale=iw2:ih4 -aspect 0.66666 -map 0:0 -c:a copy -b 0 -q -1 -c:v mpeg2video -profile:v high - b 800000000000 test2.ts
Topaz Video Enhance AI - Artemis Medium Quality 100%(Denoise/Deblock ) test2.ts
We get
file -
Compressing the width and height of the file. 1440:1080
-aspect 1.3333 (1440)/(1080)=1.3333
ffmpeg -i -vf colorkey=0x00FF00 -filter:v scale=1440:1080 -aspect 1.3333 -map 0:0 -c:a copy -b 0 -q -1 -c:v mpeg2video -profile: v high -b 800000000000 test2.ts

we get an image without errors.

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Would you be able to share any example images of what these errors vs your fix look like?

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conducted experiments and found out that the use of Artemis low Quality 100% (Denoise / Deblock) and Artemis Medium Quality 100% (Denoise / Deblock) to obtain an image without artifacts is possible when the image is enlarged 8 times in height!