Art on the Kitchen Counter

Lightroom CC has a new multi Photo auto HDR functionality. Just click three exposure bracketed photos and press Ctrl-H, wait a few moments for the preview then click merge. Not as rich as HDR Pro, but detail in the shadows is pretty well preserved and the images automatically added to a stack. All my images are taken handheld for really long telephoto with a monopod. The software is not as robust as HDR Pro, but more than nine out of ten times, the bracketed images can be merged with lightroom then further processed with Topaz.


Very nice job, Don.

Great job Don … have you tried the HDR plus pano? that’s rather good too

Thanks @tebel53. @el48tel Tried HDR and Pano once. Seemed to work fine. On trips I often do two overlapping sets of HDR exposures to create one large image… LR CC should make this easier but GPix reduces my need to use pano for enlarging images