Art nouveau from photos

I’m relatively new to Topaz and loving it. I was wondering if it could help create art nouveau style images from photos. Does anyone know how to do this, or is there an existing tutorial you could point me at to create images like these?


Maybe I’m not understanding what you’re looking for. But Art Nouveau was a form of design in art, architecture, decorative arts, etc. Images were generally paintings or illustrations.
I don’t believe one could make an Art Nouveau image with a photographic technique any more than one could make Art Deco out of a photograph.

Hi, it is creating from a photograph of a person the flatness of the colour, bounded by the black outline of the shape that I am looking for from Topaz.
I realise that the rest of the artwork I will need to complete myself in Photoshop or Illustrator.

In Topaz, for the flatness, the Simplify and then Clean plug-ins might be a place to start. Also, there might be something to DeNoise carried to extreme.
For the outline, a “sketch” program may help. Where you can work with outlines.
In Photoshop, you can use filters to outline. Then turn off certain channels so that you are only working with black lines. But then you would have to modify those lines using selection techniques, etc.
Otherwise, reading the image into a vector program and converting it might help. Especially for the outlines.
One of the things about getting outlines of subjects in a photograph is that our brain easily can imagine the outline of what we’re seeing. Applications, however, are extremely literal. And what is obvious to our brain is meaningless to the application. So outlines can be all over the place. And vary from heavy to nonexistent.
I don’t know if any of that helps. But good luck.

Many thanks this is a great help.

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You are welcome!

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