Around Midnight

I took this shot somewhere close to midnight and could not get over how bright it was (I use a shutter speed of 1/800, f 4.0, and iso 1250). Can you guess where I took the photo? (I was initially inspired to take it by the Star Trek reference ; ) )

Processed using Topaz Studio using only minimal precision detail and precision contrast, no changes to the exposure.


Nice shot…maybe Northern Iceland from the Borg sign. I was in Iceland two times in the late 50s and what a beautiful country. Reykjavik was a beautiful city too. My squadron of P2V’s were flying patrols from Keflavik air base…I really like this shot Ken. Thanks for sharing.

I don’t have a clue, but it is very bright for being close to midnight? I notice their gas pumps are very thin compared to ours in the US. Nice job on the subtle edits.

He, he …

@Buckstop75, you are correct and it is neat that you had been posted to Iceland. We were only there for about three days, but had a great time and I want to go back again to see more of the country - but I am not sure if I would want to be there in the winter!!! I agree that Reykjavik was a fun friendly place, and there was so many places to hike in the countryside. Thank you very much for the comments!

@cre8art - thank you very much for the comments! Because of our flights, we stayed up all night. We were there on the longest day of the year and it never got dark and we never saw any stars, just the moon. Again, it is hard for me to imagine how dark it would be n the winter. And I noticed that about the gas pumps, too. Thant is one of the interesting things about travel - you see that many things can be done differently from what you are used to…

@AiDon - your google search is correct! I love google earth, any my gps makes driving and navigating far easier, but I miss the old days when you had to rely on maps…

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My first maps in Bangkok, which I still have, had a plastic overlay for finding the correct reference on each page to locate what you were looking for.

Cool - I would definately save those!