Are we going to see a creative upscale in the future?

Creative upscale has become a must for AI generations and tools like Magnific are leading the way. I love Topaz but it is really falling behind in this area. Are there plans to add a good creative upscale so that areas of detail can be filled in?

This is not in our Roadmap for features however, I will add this as a feature request :slight_smile:

Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea.

There is a huge gap in the market right now with nobody providing a Topaz-like locally run creative upscale experience.

What a bummer to hear y’all aren’t considering it!

Magnific charges $40 for 100 upscales. Such a ridiculous price. Krea is much cheaper thankfully, and Stable Diffusion is free to run once the pipeline is figured out. But I’ve been really hopeful for the Topaz touch to this.