Are tz2- and tz-files necessary?


I discovered that my HDD was filling up with tz2- and tz-files. They consume about 1/5th of my main disk (approx 52GB of 240GB disk size) for programs. As far as I see the free disk room is getting smaller after each update.

Isn’t there a possibility to get rid of these files? If so, how? Are theses files required, necessary?

Hope I can find more disk room on my laptop

These are the models, if you erase them you can not use the software anymore and it will drop an error.

You could uninstall the software, erase all models and reinstall the software again, maybe you have many old models in your model folder.

What kind of models do you mean?

And Uninstall by doing it in the apps-section and delete it there, via the normal way?

I removed the demo versions of Sharpen, Denoize, and GigaPixel, but left the Photo AI as it is.
It gave me some 17GB more disk space…

Still 35GB required. That’s a lot.

The software works with so-called AI models, these models are contained in the tz files.

If you have uninstalled Photo AI, go to the folder where you found the models and delete them, when you reinstall the software, the current ones will be downloaded.

My Photo AI model folder has 10 GB.