Apply AI to all images

is there a way to apply a certain AI to all images? e.g. I want all my images (batch process) to be set to “High Fidelity” but the rest of the options to be auto.
if I select “Apply Settings to All” it will also set the values of the image to all photos. but that I don’t want. I want only to select the AI to all but the rest to be Auto, like GigaPixel AI has.

The same (Question) goes for custom Resize value. I want to apply a custom resize value to all images (e.g. x2.38 or x1.6, etc. or selected width or height, etc.) without it also applying an AI model and/or values, but only the custom resize settings.


after selecting “Current settings to all” it also sets the same values to all images. this is not good.


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See my post to bring the gigapixel spreadsheet UI over, this is the best way to do it, so easy to use for large batches, it is not just all or one. spreadsheets are far superior than filmstrips for building select lists.

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I don’t want to port the values from GigaPixel, as those values are different to the Photo AI values (same number doesn’t mean the same effect). I want Photo AI to Auto the values based on the Enhance AI selected to all.

I am asking devs to port the UI, obviously they would use the auto tuning values for photo since they are different tunings and model selections.

You cannot do selected subsets of photos and subset of options/slider changes in Photo, you can with Giga. And it is not just auto param, it applys the changes you make in the right options slider/panel but it is not applying all of the settings in that panel.

So applying that to photo you could have a set that is denoise AI with standard enhance 2x another set that is sharpen AI with hifi 6x and face recovery and another set that turns up the compression blur/slider in enhance. And all those sets can be same, different or overlapped and very easy to see what is getting what with the rows/columns in the full spreadsheet after you make all your changes before you hit save.

So How & where exactly you export such CSV/XLS file from Giga and how do you import such CSV to Photo AI? your post wasn’t really clear on how to do things.

Gigapixel has an optional spreadsheet style user interface meaning rows and columns and color coding as well as the thumbnail strip view. Just like windows explorer details view as opposed to thumbnail view, which I could just have as well referred to it as that type of UI. Has nothing to do with external spreadsheet tools and interfaces at all.

The advantage of such a row columns color code view is you see the entire matrix of all the settings for all the selected photos from an entire list of photos. That makes it possible to make individual setting changes on selected set of photos with a single click and quick verification scroll to make sure you made only that change on only those photos.

I am not looking for view format, I am looking for batch settings. I am about to batch process ~20,000 pictures, you don’t expect me to now go one by one and set those.

My post is not about the view format (Honestly I couldn’t care less about View in the UI), it’s about Applying a certain AI (or custom resize value) to All images in Photo AI without it affecting the other values or copy past them all to all pictures like it is doing now… The same option(s) that Giga has.


in Photo AI I only see an option to apply “All” the settings of one picture to all images.


But that includes everything. but not all pictures in the batch need the same exact parameters (de-noise level, de-blur level & compression levels)
After selecting “Current settings to all” it also sets the same values to all images in the Batch. this is not good. I only need to set the AI model to used (e.g. Standard, or High fidelity, etc.) or set a custom resize scale to all pictures in the batch without touching the Auto settings of the Photo AI.


The enhancment request I made was for the devs to port old code from Giga into Photo to use the similar row/column detailed user interface as Giga for interactive batch settings on subsets of images that the current thumbnail view cannot provide.

The enhancement request I filed has nothing to do with moving settings files from Giga to Photo, and as you already noted that would not be useful because of different options and ranges… Neither tool has import/export batch file setting support, but that has certainly been requested before and would be useful for updating images with program updates, but not useful if the only way to create that file is the manual settings for each thumbnail image.

So if you want to do anything now, you can change the auto parameter mode manually for each thumbnail image using Photo, or you can use Giga to select the images in the spreadsheet row/column view then change the auto parameter mode once. They have similar upscaling enhancement AIs but not exactly the same results since Giga is not updated since January. I personally changed to the older Giga tool because it was not feasible to use the interface in Photo for thousands of photos if they have varying settings

my question was because I noticed that the “Standard” AI in Photo AI provides better quality to my pictures compared to the standard AI in Giga. the HQ / High Finality is overly sharpening my pics on both (they are equal in quality photo AI vs. Giga) , changing the slides has little effect on that. so my needs is to use Photo AI with Standard AI on all my ~20,000 pictures.
so either there is a way to set the AI to all or if there is a possibility to import the Photo AI models to Giga and I’ll use Giga for the upscale. maybe copy the model files (…\Topaz\Photo AI\models → …\Gigapixel AI\tgrc)

Do you have have latest Jan update of giga I have carefully studied the difference. It got the new standard quality ai in that update before photo though it lacks any recent param tweaks. In general high quality has less aggressive sharpening artifact with more color noise than standard. But for 4x you need 100% or 50% zoom to see difference. Really noticeable on grass blades.

There is no way to batch ui as you want in photo which is why I directed you to my post asking for the giga spreadsheet view editing to be coded in photo. Giga you will be extremely productive for now but of course is enhance only. The giga ui is far better than what you asked for. As soon as you realize it can change just one thing like scale value for a subset of images you realize that giga is the best user interface.

I think I do, I have v6.3.3. the Standard in Gaia is overly sharpening compared to Standard in Photo AI.

Yes latest photo they softened standard. But if you are 100% zoomed the hifi difference from standard is clear way less sharp more color noise

But since giga is not being updated despite same ai…that is why I request porting the more usable interface for large jobs. Same reason windows also has both views. sometimes you want hover filmstrip with preview and one or all is fine. Other times you want to see the matrix and select subset of photos and params to change because going one by one is infeasible

We’re introducing this functionality on September 7 with v2.0. Stay tuned!

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Do you mean you are porting the GigaPixel spreadsheet UI batch setup or do you mean you are simple adding a ‘Current AI to All’ to the popup?

Having another ‘to All’ is not solving the large interactive batch job issues that GigaPixel solved (which does subset of settings including AI and/or params on subset of photos, layered interactively to setup the batch)