Apple M1 chip compatibility

I recently got a 2020 MacBook Air with the M1 Apple Silicone. I did not do extensive testing yet, but I ran a few photos through Gigapixel AI and Studio 2 standalones through Apple’s Rosetta translator for software developed for Intel chips. So far, everything seems to work, and much faster than on a 2018 MacBook Pro I was using. Has anyone run formal tests of the Topaz apps on the M1 chips? Thanks in advance.


On my brand new Mac mini M1 with 16 gb it is noticeably slower than my MacBook Pro 2018 I have noticed Denoise is definitely slower.

It took 1 min 38 s to process a 7194x2768 pixel raw (DNG) file. Big file but it should be faster than that.

So Denoise AI does actually work on the M1 chip though, albeit at reduced performance? I was thinking about buying it for my M1 Mac mini, especially since it’s on sale now, but I didn’t want to buy it if it doesn’t work at all.

Denoise works on m1 but yes, much slower.

I hope topaz brings full options to the m1 line as it’s faster than anything intel has out there and would really show off their software.

I have a 16 core mac pro, 384 gig ram, duo vega ii video cards… serious powerhouse box worth over 28k US all in and this 1000 mac mini buries it in processing most things. it’s insane.


I have also had decent results with my MacBook Air M1…better than anticipated, but probably nowhere near as good as versions of the Topaz Labs plugins that are compiled for Apple Silicon.

Is that something that is in the works, or not likely in the foreseeable future?

As was said before, this could be an amazing showcase for the new Topaz Labs technologies.
VEAI is mind-blowing (a revolution, really), and if it could harness the full power of the M1 processor, it could even be a joy to use…I wonder how much faster it could run.

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Sorry to raise an old thread. I am looking for a new laptop and Topaz is a priorit. Apple Macbook Air M1 is a contender. Anyone able to report recent experience on this?

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Topaz Could make M1 Chip builds of Programs.Not Rosetta.

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