Anyone still do HDR work?

Just wondering if anyone still is working very much with HDR and using Adjust on a regular basis ? I’m guilty of not posting images in a long time but I’ve been getting close to retirement (couple years) and not traveled much so photo opts have not been good for me in quite awhile . Also I haven’t been doing upgrades and buying new programs in quite awhile because I figure I have all I need for now with what editing I do anymore but I still visit here almost every day sometimes several times a day to see new work .

Sorry some interest me , some don’t , some is very good and some is not my taste . But I have always loved HDR work and seems over all the web that it is somewhat loosing interest cause very few are dedicated anymore and others just don’t take the time to mess with it anymore . I know Topaz Adjust was the FlagShip for Topaz Products but not seeing that as evidence lately .

So just out of curiosity how many of you use Adjust in your workflow daily or seldom or just once in awhile ? If you’ve done work lately in HDR lead me to it so I can take a look at your work and see how it’s progressing . All other software is good but if you can mention what programs you use when doing HDR work . Myself I’ll use Adjust , Clean and Detail as well as DeNoise mainly . Are there others you use in your workflow ? Thanks for checking in !!

HDR has simply made more conscious of getting a good balance between darks, mids and lights. If I had not used “automatic” HDR for many years, I would not now know how to move the sliders for a manual ‘hdr’ look. I suspect that there are more like me too. Just say that HDR has sublimed itself into my workflow, almost without breaking-step, unnoticed…

I’ve been doing a lot of HDR lately for drone images where there is often a significant detail gap between land and sky. The drone shoots 5 bracketed shots 2/3 of a stop apart (AEB). The drone .jpg HDR merge is not the best so I save the .dng files and merge them in Aurora HDR to batch process. I’ve experimented, too, with single image tone mapping. I don’t use Adjust as I find Aurora competent at providing a balanced result. Here’s one I made yesterday:


I’d say that HDR is becoming something much more in-camera these days. Personally, as I say, I have learnt so much from HDR that I can manually tune the sliders as necessary. It’s been a long time since I used Nik HDR or Photomatix…

Actually, It’s on my docket to explore considerably further. Spherical HDR’s are crutial for lighting in the 3D realm using Global Illumination.


Retired 12/31/18 from professional job and immediately transitioned into new job of caregiver, but I’ve not given up on HDR. Upgraded Photomatix, purchased Aurora 2108, purchased an HDR book from RockyNook and just waiting for an opportunity to get out and shoot HDR.

From what I’ve been reading on blogs and other sites, DSLR cameras are in a decline with much photography being taken with phone cameras which are not used much for HDR. FlickR HDR groups are showing a decline in submissions as well as other groups moving toward other photo platforms.

I am committed to HDR photography though and intend to continue using Topaz products for fine tuning the images.

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Ive done bracketed exposures for about as long as I have been serious about photography. I’ve also been using Lightroom for a loong time.

So when LR added photomerge too combine photos into HDR, Panorama and HDR plus Pano, I was very interested and incorporated that process into my workflow. In my opinion, LR HDR isn’t as good as dedicated HDR software, but if you add a little LR post-processing, the final result is similar. And the images are automatically stacked into collections

HDR - most definitely - despite having a camera with a superb dynamic range - use it regularly

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Me too. I keep saying one of these days I won’t be too busy and will get there more often with my camera.

I enjoy Aurora which many do not care for.

I think that the early HDR ws too sooty/grungy. It was a specializedf look. Then people got wise to the Less Is More idea, and a great deal of attractive work has issued since.

But using the Nik Filters and Photoshop CC - the Black Level and White Level sliders almost do all the work that specialist HDR programs used to do. So even though my work can look HDR-ish,

I do not consciously do HDR anymore, yet it still profoundly informs my work.