Anyone from Topaz going to be at PhotoPlus Expo

I’m going to be at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC this week and wondering if anyone from Topaz is going to be there. I know there is a booth there but anyone of the developers from this group. Look forward to meeting you.

Herb, we’re based out of Addison, Texas (North of Dallas), and don’t have the ability to make shows around the country. Our time out of the office is spent with our families :slight_smile:

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Joe, I certainly understand that you folks have to have sometime for home. The reason I asked is that I saw on the vendors list for the show is that Topaz had a booth and was just wondering who from your group was going to be there.

On another note I have a son living in Plano, Texas.

Thanks for the reply and all the good work you folks are doing to the software.


Typically, Greg Rostami is the individual at those events. Greg has been an authorized reseller of Topaz products for many years. On rare occasion, someone will stop by in the office to ask for technical help (please don’t do that) or chat about our products (this is fine, but we do have work to get done!). We run a tight ship, so we don’t advertise our office as available for help, since only two of the 15 of us provide help to customers on a regular basis. We’re a software company with a staff that shares responsibility, with no time to spare really.

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