Any word whether AI Gigapixel supports new NVidia Card?

NVidia has a new graphics card, the RTX-2060:

Will the current version of AI Gigapixel support this? I’m looking to get a new laptop as none of the computers I have currently are powerful enough for this software. But I’d like to get the latest graphics card, so I’m hoping it will be supported.

Hard to imagine that an RTX 2060 will go into a laptop computer. Wouldn’t a desktop tower be a better choice?

I just ordered a PC with the nVidia 2700… :smiley:

I can verify that Gigapixel has been developed and tested on a GeForce RTX 2070, at the very least, so I imagine that any of the 20xx series cards would be compatible.


And for those asking about laptops …

How can a card that requires two large fans be stuffed into a laptop which has very little air circulation. This makes no sense, like cooling a whole house with a 6" fan.

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They have laptop versions of the new line of cards. Read the article:

Thanks, Josh.