Any Ideas What This Is? Now I Know, Thanks to Ken Kovach

I have none, and have only found one similar image on the web, but the publisher just identified it as “checkered buds with red stems”.


(Edit - link fixed)

Beautiful, great capture!


Thanks for finding the name, Ken - what did you look for - I normally have good Google karma but certainly not in this case. Also now see it referred to as Aechmea Blue Rain as well as Aechmea Blue Tango. I am glad that you liked the image.
Now that I know it, I also know it takes two to tango:


Thanks, Flick and very funny shot of the two tango-ing!

It was not easy, your shot was a lot nicer than the ones I found online. I like the details, colors and bokeh very much.

I searched blue flower, red stem, found an aechema that was misidentified as an orchid, but then found a link to what it really was from an orchid exhibition…


It will probably take me some time to find it, but I have some of these with the name that I have forgotten

Guess you have the ID now. I was looking under Bromeliads

It’s a beautiful flower …don’t think I have seen it before.

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I’ve never seen this type of flower either.
Your image and processing was very nice and well done, the colors are great.
Glad that @KenKv was able to ID it and I also liked the 2 to tango image.