Another Example of Program stopping the preview of applications

I’m working in Studio. Have been applying various presets and making changes and saving and suddenly the previews stop. Hoping the screen shot actually lets you see that what’s in the work box is NOT what’s in the bottom preset application selection previews.

You really should supply a screenshot of the whole application workspace including the left/right panels etc.

One thing that you should be aware of is that having many ‘applied’ effects in memory puts a strain on the available resources as a replica of the original with the applied effects is created on the disk and the preview held in memory … and that because of the nature of the adjustments applied they Icon in the workspace may not accurately reflect the adjustments.

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Now I’m running the program alone but I have been running it for a few hours. Suddenly I’ve hit a wall. Attaching image. It seems that shutting the program down completely does not clear itself from memory? I’ve been trying to do that. To protect myself from what you describe here. I’ve lost too many images. But here’s what’s happened. The only way out is to restart my machine.

This looks like missing assets. Please submit a request, including the screenshot from you last post in this thread, and we’ll take a closer look. Thanks!