Another day in Florianópolis

The original picture was taken by Susie Sun in Brazil. It seems to be a lovely place and as a collaboration I made it into an artwork.


Colorful and festive. Love it!

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Beautiful light! _ like the painterly quality_

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Very nice, I agree with both comments made by @Michigander and @XiaoLin.

Thanks Michigander, XiaoLin and John.

Beautiful, fresh and colorful result. Well done!

I really like the coloring and lighting you did, it gives the shot a very interesting atmosphere.

It is the surfing capital of Brazil - rather like Newquay is to the uk!!! :wink:

Thanks Don, Ken and Jack for the comments. I knew it was on the coast but didn’t know about the surfing.

I love how this one looks. Great job.

Vibrant, bright and busy - nice effect.