Another bird, some more wire

(Sharon) #1

(Kenneth Kovach) #2

Very well done, I especially like the color treatment

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(Jan Štrobl) #3

Nice work.

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(donvine) #4

Very nice.

Was the bird photographed on the wire or added as a montage

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(Tony) #5

That’s smashing-I really love birds and wrens are one of my special favourites!

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(tennie) #6

Love this!

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(Sharon) #7

The little guys often sit on the fences.

(JeanieW) #8

I like the subdued colour palette but I’m thinking I prefer the original image.

(Michigander) #9


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(BorderlineUK) #10

I love this contrast between the delicacy of nature and the brutality of barb wire.