Another 4 K snip of video frame

Was messing with resizing options etc. using PS and TS as a plug in with Clarity presets, impression2 masking etc. Liked the subject to see what I could get out of it.


Doesn’t look like a happy camper …nice work.

Is this one of your captures? Great shot.

Thanks for looking and no it was not one I captured…got it from a 4K video frame snip to play with it.

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Or is it just a yawn …

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Really sharp for a video frame.

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Great image and result.

Excellent looking image…how close were and what lens did you use.

It is from a 4K video I received from a friend. Actually a link. But lost the link. I have been using some screen snips of frames from the video to practice, using TS and Some of the filters to enhance the clip. Fun to experiment with all the filters to see how they come out. I still have a long way to go to get proficient in Topaz Studio however.

Thanks Marty.

Very nice processing!