An automated way to generate previews with different models and values combinations

I’ve been using TVAI for almost a year now, and one thing that I struggle the most is finding the optimal models and values for a given input video. Granted, I only use 480i as input (restoring old family VHS tapes), but I’d think many people probably go through the same struggle.

To overcome this, I’ve created a simple Python script to iterate through the models (including second enhancements) and value ranges for “Add Noise” and “Recover Detail” (prenoise and blend, in CLI language) for generating 5 frame previews for all possible combinations.
Now, considering just 3 models and a range of 10 different values for prenoise and blend, this amounts to 7,776 different possible value combinations… so obviously, the struggle is real. And that is taking the individual settings per model (if not in Auto mode) completely out of the equation.

There should be an easier way to do this within TVAI- like iterating through a combination of models (and combinations of models when second enhancement is enabled), and different values, but in a sane manner as not to have so many combinations that would be absurd to compare all different outcomes; I believe no one outside of Topaz understands the weight and how different values affect one another, so they’d be in a position to better judge what would a “sane” number of combinations and values that could help users choose one that better fits their input video and their preferred output.